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Author Brian Gibson
20 April 1984
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You can purchase "Ugly Eliza and the Sunken Ship" here: http://www.amazon.com/Ugly-Eliza-Sunken-Brian-Gibson/dp/1419694715/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1213506051&sr=1-1

To get your copy of "Ugly Eliza and the Sunken Ship" signed, please send a SASE to:

Brian Gibson c/o


5630 Paseo Del Norte, Suite 100 D

Carlsbad, CA 92008

For more than a year, Brian Gibson has proven to be a writer, illustrator, and story teller of immeasurable talent.

Born in Southern California, and raised in North Florida, Gibson has been writing stories and creating entertaining characters since he was a little boy.

His first book, "Ugly Eliza and the Sunken Ship" was released in May 2008, and stars the hideous, but very cute character, "Ugly Eliza". "Ugly Eliza" explains to readers via class project on how salt really got into the ocean, and why it's there now. With vivid illustrations and slight adult-oriented content, this book is still acceptable for kids, but adults will find this one extremely funny. Gibson has been compared to author Shel Silverstein on numerous occasions. Be on the lookout for, "Trailer Park Tales", coming in 2010!!!

"Ugly Eliza and the Sunken Ship" is available at www.amazon.com and www.borders.com.

Gibson's next project, to be released in 2010 is, "Trailer Park Tales". This is a collection of humorous fictional stories from breedings possums, crazy old Aunt Charlotte, family members locked in the nut-house, white trash love triangles, and much more! Please note that is book is entirely a work of fiction and is NOT for kids.

You can purchase "Ugly Eliza and the Sunken Ship" here: http://www.amazon.com/Ugly-Eliza-Sunken-Brian-Gibson/dp/1419694715/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1213506051&sr=1-1

You can view the "Trailer Park Tales" photoshoot in "My Photos" section.

RAVE reviews for "Ugly Eliza" !!!

Great book for everyone, not just kids. I always read the books I buy for my kids before I give them over, just in case they have anything inappropriate. This book is a great book for anyone who understands what being different is like. This is one of the kinds of books I encourage my kids to read so they understand that everyone is different and there is nothing wrong with that. If you want to convey the right message, this is the book for you. -T. Hamrick (Michigan)

I originally bought "Ugly Eliza and the Sunken Ship" for my neice and nephew, but I ended up enjoying it as well. Its a very cute story about how salt got into the ocean, but of course, is a very creative explanation. My neice was especially enthralled with the illustrations, because they look as though a child painted the pictures. After reading the author's bio (I discovered that Brian Gibson lives in Southern California as well), I searched him on Myspace and left a comment on how I enjoyed reading the book to my neice and nephew. He commented back and told me to mail him my book and said that he would autograph it and send it back. That, he did and my neice and nephew thought it was the coolest thing ever! I would definately recomend this book to others, and I'm already anxiously awaiting the next in the series! - Lynn Norris (California)

I don't even know where to begin with this book! I bought this book because a friend had reccomended it to me-she said that it was cute and very funny and had killer illustrations. When the book came, I wasn't expecting too much, but this author certainly has his way with words. "Ugly Eliza", the main character is really cute and gives the reader a funny explanation on how salt got into the ocean. As an adult, you'll laugh, but in a child's mind it can make perfect sense. The illustrations are vivid and bright and remind me of something from Eric Carle's, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". Brian Gibson....when is the next one coming out? THIS BOOK IS HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!!! - Tina Ebaugh (California)

My kids and I really enjoyed "Ugly Eliza & The Sunken Ship." The author has a truly funny way with words and a great imagination. He also writes as if he's talking, so if you read it aloud with plenty of emphasis and earnestness, you get good laughs with lines like "the salt water felt so good on her crusty feet" and "she was heads down and hiney up in her project"! Offbeat, warm, and good-hearted, it appealed to my kids' natural silliness and never got gross-out or weird like some modern "children's" tales. I've got to believe that the author is a Southerner, between his wacky way with the English language and his enjoyable cast of characters (starting with Miss Eliza herself, of course). My kids also liked that it's a tall tale in the best American tradition--completely off the wall and filled with absurdly funny details. Last thing: There is no credit for who did the pictures, but they're great--crazy and primitive and filled with funny energy. They really complement the story. Kids--and grown-ups--who find all forms of exaggeration entertaining (like most I know, including my own and myself!) will get a big kick out this story. I highly recommend it for your home bookshelf or childcare reading space. -Unaware Buyer (California)

There are few books out these days that a parent can actually enjoy with their children. This one was the most outrageously funny book I have ever read. It made me giggle down to my toes! I strongly recommend this book to any parent who wants their child(ren) to learn that being different is an alright way to be. I think it will help those children that may feel a little out of place in their own shoes. - S. Fruehling (Oklahoma)

A great book for me to read to my children. I was surprised on how much they loved the characters presented. They enjoyed the pictures and we laughed together constantly through the pages. I recommend for anyone needing a good book to read to their children, even if they are under the age recommendation, as my boy and girl are, they will enjoy it. - A. Bice (California)

You can purchase "Ugly Eliza and the Sunken Ship" here: http://www.amazon.com/Ugly-Eliza-Sunken-Brian-Gibson/dp/1419694715/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1213506051&sr=1-1